Automotive Services Offered

Auto Detailing

Full Automotive Detailing

  • Intensive Exterior Clean/Wash including all jambs
  • Wax or Optional Long Lasting Sealant
  • Deep Interior Clean (carpets, seats, glass, panels, pressurized air clean all crevices..)
  • Wheels and Fenderwells thoroughly cleaned and Tires dressed

Scratch and Heavy Oxidation Removal

  • Light Scratches and Oxidation removed using the latest in paint restoration technology.
  • Heavy Scratches can be filled with custom mixed touchup paint.

Onsite Paint and Body Work

  • Dented/Cracked Plastic Bumpers
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Repair and Respray Scuffed Bumpers and Panels

Headlight Lens Restoration

Difficult Odor and Stain Removal

Over spray Removal

Commercial/Fleet Packages Available